George Cojocaru

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This article proposes a methodology for the construction and the calibration of a micro-economic urban land-use model wilhin an extended Cellular Automata (CA) framework. The methodology is applied to processes of residential spread in a pan of the commuting periphery of Brussels. The model hypothesizes that households efTect on urban development. Ihrough(More)
The early gastric cancer is an endoscopic notion in which gastric cancer is strictly placed to mucosis and submucosis without extensive manifestations. It is the form with favorable prognosis and better survival at 5 and 10 years. Our study tries to systematize the debut forms of early gastric cancer and their association with the lesions with malignisation(More)
The genealogic tree examination of a female patient with open angle glaucoma showed the presence of eight more cases of glaucoma in the same family. The transmission was autosomal predominant with a 75% penetration of the pathological gene. In the patient's family the affection appeared practically at the same age and evolved with the same specific feature.
The paper presents a model and a support system prototype for scheduling in time and space the beehive emplacement to different melliferous crops and different melliferous tree species. A general model specifies the data structures (inputs / outputs), the data processing for obtaining the beehive movement schedules, and different melliferous balances at(More)
It is known from the literature that the yeasts require assimilable nitrogen (YAN) in a certain dosage in order to ferment sugar and for the exact calculation of the nitrogen can be done by applying a certain equation derived from the Bisson and Butzke tables. This equation however does not take into account the yeast strain and its requirements for(More)
The medical attendance of the congenital imperforation of the tear-nasal tassel continues to be an actual problem because of the great number of cases met in practice. The analysis of 115 cases of congenital imperforation of the tear-nasal tassel shows the presence of this disease at one eye in 76 cases and at the both eyes in 39 cases. The frequency of the(More)
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