George Chrysos

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Previous work on speculative precomputation (SP) on simultaneous multithreaded (SMT) architectures has shown significant benefits. The SP techniques improve singlethreaded program performance by utilizing otherwise idle thread contexts to run “helper threads”, which prefetch critical data into shared caches and reduce the time the “main thread” stalls(More)
Dense linear algebra has been traditionally used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of new architectures. This trend has continued for the past half decade with the advent of multi-core processors and hardware accelerators. In this paper we describe how several flavors of the Linpack benchmark are accelerated on Intel's recently released(More)
Advanced microprocessors have been increasing clock rates, well beyond the Gigahertz boundary. For such high performance microprocessors, a small and fast data micro cache (ucache) is important to overall performance, and proper management of it via load bypassing has a significant performance impact. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a(More)
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