George Chien

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— A monolithic 1.9-GHz, 198-mW, 0.6-m CMOS receiver which meets the specifications of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard is described. All of the RF, IF, and baseband receiver components, with the exception of the frequency synthesizers, have been integrated into a single chip solution. A description is given of a wide-band IF(More)
—A quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE receiver, implemented in 65 nm CMOS, complies with the ETSI standard without the need of external SAW filters. By exploring the properties of passive mixers and current-mode operation from RF to baseband, the receiver can achieve a SAW-filter-like selectivity with inexpensive on-chip components such as resistors and capacitors. In(More)
A number of recent efforts have concntrated on highly-integrated radio receivers using a low-cost silicon process such as CMOS [l, 21This prototype monolithic CMOS receiver combines RF and baseband functionality by taking the carrier signal at the LNA input and producing a lob digital baseband waveform. A wide-band intermediate frequency double conversion(More)
Issues associated with the integration of transceiver components on to a single silicon substrate are discussed. In particular, recently proposed receiver and transmitter architectures for high integration are examined on the promise of providing multistandard capability. In addition, existing barriers to lower power transceiver operation are examined as(More)