George Cardona

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This dissertation investigates the distribution and interpretation of covert modality. Three environments where covert modality appears are analyzed. These environments are infinitival relative clauses, infinitival questions, and ability modals. Infinitival relative clauses are shown to not form a unified class structurally. Subject infinitival relative(More)
The Informational Component Enric Vallduv Supervisor Ellen F Prince Even though the relevance of non truth conditional notions like topic and focus in sentence structure and interpretation has long been recognized there is little agreement on the exact nature of these notions and their role in a model of lin guistic competence Following the information(More)
This paper demonstrates that the treatment of nominal derivational morphology in Pān. ini’s grammar of the Sanskrit language (ca. 500BC) is based on an architecture strikingly similar to that of modern inheritance-based lexica. Specifically, Pān. ini adopts a single inheritance network with defaults to account concisely for intricate cases of affix homonymy(More)
NULL vs OVERT SUBJECTS IN TURKISH DISCOURSE A CENTERING APPROACH Author Umit Deniz Turan Supervisor Ellen F Prince The purpose of this study is to explore an aspect of discourse coherence which involves anaphoric relations between utterances with special emphasis on subjects in Turkish Based on an analysis of published narratives three complementary and(More)
In this extended work, a syntactic and semantic analysis of Urdu Modal verbs is presented using lexical functional grammar encoded in an environment of the XLE parser. This grammar is developed to understand the syntactic and semantic structure of Urdu modal verbs taken from the sentences of a corpus. Based on this analysis, Urdu modal verbs are finally(More)
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