George Cakiades

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A finite point process approach to multi-shooter localization from gunfire events is presented. After modeling the measurements as a Poisson point process, we propose a twofold scheme that includes an expectation maximization algorithm to estimate the target locations for a given number of targets and an information theoretic algorithm to select the number(More)
Smart sensors are becoming an integral part of the evolving technology landscape; their ability to share reduced data over networks enables live data fusion, which significantly improves sensor performance and situational awareness. A lightweight, mobile acoustic sensor network has been used as an infrastructure to layer multi-sensor fusion algorithms, for(More)
Hostile fire detection is a critical component of situational awareness in the asymmetric battlefields of ongoing and future conflicts. The ability to detect and localize sources of hostile fire in difficult environments can dramatically increase the survivability of dismounted warfighters. Existing individual acoustic hostile fire sensors provide useful(More)
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