George C. Verghese

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Absstract-In this paper, we establish a set of results showing that the vertices of any simply connected planar polyg~nd region can be reconstructed from a finite number of its complex moments. These results find applications in a variety of apparently disparate areas such as computerized tomography and inverse potential theory, where in the Former, it is(More)
applied to a wide range of power circuits that includes the resonant type converters. The basic limitation in resonant The method of state-space averaging has been successfully converters is that these circuits have state variables that exapplied to pulse-width modulated power converters, but has hibit predominantly oscillatory behavior. This paper(More)
We outline a class of graph similarity measures that uses the structural similarity of local neighborhoods to derive pairwise similarity scores for the nodes of two different graphs, and present a related similarity measure that uses a linear update to generate both node and edge similarity scores. This measure is then applied to the task of graph matching.(More)
A ubiquitous building block of signaling pathways is a cycle of covalent modification (e.g., phosphorylation and dephosphorylation in MAPK cascades). Our paper explores the kind of information processing and filtering that can be accomplished by this simple biochemical circuit. Signaling cycles are particularly known for exhibiting a highly sigmoidal(More)
The intrinsic stochastic effects in chemical reactions, and particularly in biochemical networks, may result in behaviors significantly different from those predicted by deterministic mass action kinetics (MAK). Analyzing stochastic effects, however, is often computationally taxing and complex. The authors describe here the derivation and application of(More)
We develop a sufficient condition for the least-squares measurement (LSM), or the square-root measurement, to minimize the probability of a detection error when distinguishing between a collection of mixed quantum states. Using this condition we derive the optimal measurement for state sets with a broad class of symmetries. We first consider geometrically(More)
Lumped-parameter time-varying electrical circuit analogs for cardiovascular systems are frequently used in computational models for simulating and analyzing hemodynamics. These pulsatile models provide details of the beat-by-beat or intracycle dynamics. In other settings, however, such as when tracking a hospital patient's hemodynamic state over time, it is(More)
Intracranial pressure (ICP) is affected in many neurological conditions. Clinical measurement of pressure on the brain currently requires placing a probe in the cerebrospinal fluid compartment, the brain tissue, or other intracranial space. This invasiveness limits the measurement to critically ill patients. Because ICP is also clinically important in(More)
Al~traet--All failure detection methods are based, either explicitly or implicitly, on the use of redundancy, i.e. on (possibly dynamic) relations among the measured variables. The robustness of the failure detection process consequently depends to a great degree on the reliability of the redundancy relations, which in turn is affected by the inevitable(More)