George C. Stone

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Regular users of marijuana (cannabis sativa) were given smoked and orally administered marijuana, a placebo, or alcohol. They were unable to distinguish between smoked marijuana and the tetrahydrocannabinol-free placebo. The oral administration of tincture of cannabis produced primarily dysphoric symptoms and was similar to alcohol in this respect. The(More)
The effect of combining sleep deprivation and moderate alcohol consumption in male college students differed from the effects of each treatment alone. Following either alcohol or sleep deprivation, there was mild performance impairment, decreased alertness and reduced amplitude and increased latency of cortical evoked potential (EP) components. Heart rate(More)
The binding specificity of rheumatoid factors (RFs) to human Fc resembles that of some microbial Fc-binding proteins, suggesting conformational similarities in their Fc-binding regions. Using polyclonal chicken antibodies against SPA, we have detected a crossreactive determinant shared by human RFs from different individuals, but not by non-RF IgM and IgG.(More)
The effect of smoked marijuana on performance of complex reaction time (RT) tasks was studied in two groups receiving different amounts of practice. Group M-P had no undrugged practice on the task before performing during marijuana intoxication for four consecutive daily sessions. On the fifth test day they performed while non-intoxicated. Group P-M(More)
Effects of Co2+ on the fast axonal transport of individual proteins were examined in vitro in bullfrog spinal/sciatic nerves.35S-methionine-labeled proteins, fast-transported in control and Co2+-treated preparations were separated via two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. While the overall amount of protein transported was reduced, no qualitative differences(More)
An 82-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman developed subacute, obstructive, fatal vasculopathies characterized by extensive crystalline tissue deposits and monoclonal lambda light chain serum components. Cryocrystalglobulinemia was also present in one patient, and the purified crystals contained only lambda light chain dimers. Although the presentation of(More)