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— We experimentally evaluate the network-level switching time of a functional 23-host prototype hybrid optical circuit-switched/electrical packet-switched network for datacen-ters called Mordia (Microsecond Optical Research Datacenter Interconnect Architecture). This hybrid network uses a standard electrical packet switch and an optical circuit-switched(More)
—The achievable information rates (AIRs) of a nonreturn-to-zero optical transmission system operating at 10 Gb/s are determined based on experimentally obtained conditional probability density functions for an amplified spontaneous emission noise-dominated system in the presence of chromatic dispersion (with and without optical dispersion compensation).(More)
The capacity region of wavelength division multiplexing in nonlinear fiber optic channels with coherent communication is studied. We show that by optimally using the information from all the channels at the receiver, the loss in the capacity due to the mixing of channels is negligible in the weakly nonlinear regime. On the other hand, with single-channel(More)
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