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BACKGROUND Reports of adolescent suicidal behaviour have generally derived from clinical settings but population-based studies are likely to provide a clearer epidemiological view. METHODS Non-fatal suicidal behaviours were studied in 1699 Australian 15- to 16-year-old secondary school students at 44 schools in the state of Victoria, Australia.(More)
The source of glycolate in photorespiration and its control, a particularly active and controversial research topic in the 1970s, was resolved in large part by several discoveries and observations described here. George Bowes discovered that the key carboxylation enzyme Rubisco (ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase) is competitively inhibited by O 2(More)
BACKGROUND Adverse life events prior to episodes of depression are assumed to play a causal role. Earlier studies have, however, not adequately controlled for the potential confounding effects of previous depression. METHOD A two-phase study was nested within a six-wave population based cohort study of 1947 adolescents. Interviews at two assessment phases(More)
Computer-administered questionnaires have been little explored as a potentially effective and inexpensive alternative to pencil and paper screening tests. A self-administered computerised form of the revised Clinical Interview Schedule (CIS-R) was compared with the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) in a two-phase study of 2032 Australian(More)
In most cases of schizophrenia the onset of frank psychosis is preceded by a period of prodromal features. This period has been relatively neglected by researchers and is potentially important in promoting early intervention. The prevalence of DSM-III-R schizophrenia prodrome symptoms was assessed as part (n = 657) of a large (n = 2525) questionnaire-based(More)
Dieting in adolescent girls is ubiquitous but its health significance is uncertain. On the one hand it might be seen as promoting healthy weight control and on the other it might be considered as a risk factor for eating disorders. Dieting levels were systematically assessed in a representative group of 2525 Australian teenagers and classified using item(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to outline the conceptual background and strategy of intervention for a systematic and sustainable approach to mental health promotion in secondary schools. METHOD The conceptual origins of the Gatehouse Project are described in terms of the epidemiology of adolescent mental health problems, attachment theory,(More)
Ventilation is lower during sleep than wakefulness. An increase in airway resistance has been proposed as the critical factor. As the change in ventilation has been shown to occur abruptly at transitions between alpha and theta electroencephalogram activity, it was of interest to determine whether the increase in airway resistance between wakefulness and(More)
We studied the effects of sleep fragmentation on arousal and ventilatory responses to hyperoxic hypercapnia, isocapnic hypoxia, and chemical stimulation of the larynx during sleep in 5 dogs. Sleep fragmentation was induced by repeatedly arousing the dogs with acoustic stimuli throughout 2 to 3 consecutive nights. Responses to respiratory stimuli were then(More)