George Blackburn

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In this study, we followed the genomic, lipidomic and metabolomic changes associated with the selection of miltefosine (MIL) resistance in two clinically derived Leishmania donovani strains with different inherent resistance to antimonial drugs (antimony sensitive strain Sb-S; and antimony resistant Sb-R). MIL-R was easily induced in both strains using the(More)
Nutritional genomics is the study of nutrient-gene interactions and the effect these interactions have on health. It includes how diet affects the way genes are expressed, the effect of genes on how the body uses nutrients, and the effects of nutrients on molecular level processes in the body. It is an area of science that seeks to help people improve their(More)
Familial respiratory distress syndrome in full-term newborn infants is a rare occurrence. Our patient delivered three consecutive full-term infants who developed findings consistent with respiratory distress syndrome. All three died from autopsy-proven hyaline membrane disease. Analysis of the activities of four enzymes that play an important role in the(More)
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