George Bilas

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A range of continental-scale soil datasets exists in Europe with different spatial representation and based on different principles. We developed comprehensive pedotransfer functions (PTFs) for applications principally on spatial datasets with continental coverage. The PTF development included the prediction of soil water retention at various matric(More)
Despite being necessary for effective water management, the assessment of an irrigation system requires a large amount of input data for the estimation of related parameters and indicators, which are seldom measured in a regular and reliable manner. In this work, spatially distributed surface energy balance fluxes and geographical information systems(More)
In the current study, Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) was implemented using GIS, to assess erosion risk on agricultural land in the prefecture of Rodopi (Greece). USLE was programmed in ModelBuilder-an ArcGIS application that creates, edits, and manages mathematical models. Data processing and analysis of USLE factors was performed in the form of raster(More)
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