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—The decentralized control problem for discrete-event systems addressed in this paper is that of several communicating supervisory controllers, each with different information, working in concert to exactly achieve a given legal sublanguage of the uncontrolled system's language model. A novel information structure model is presented for dealing with this(More)
A fundamental relationship between the controllability of a language with respect to another language and a set of uncontrollable events in the Supervisory Control Theory initiated by (Ramadge and Wonham, 1989) and bisimulation of automata models is derived. The theoretical results relating bisimulation to controllability support an efficient solution to(More)
Introduction. Controversy exists over the optimum incision placement when performing ear surgery via the postauricular approach. Little is known about the impact of incision placement on future comfort in wearing audio or visual aids or the effect on the minor auricular muscles cut in the approach. Objective. (1) To establish patient satisfaction with their(More)
Underestimating the extent of a seemingly superficial neck wound can result in severe complications requiring radical surgical intervention. Introduction Penetrating neck wounds complicate approximately 10% of all trauma presentations. 1 While they are most commonly associated with violent acts, they are also encountered in road traffic collisions and other(More)
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