George Angelis

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Permeable pavements of concrete paving-stones for rainwater infiltration are established as a sustainable method for the drainage of traffic areas and for pollutant source control. Various systems for different applications exist. Pollutants like heavy metals and hydrocarbons in the runoff can endanger soil and groundwater, when the they are not(More)
Due to the demand for higher accuracy and lower acoustic noise levels, there is a growing interest for active vibration suppression in industrial application. Many control concepts have been proposed in this field that are suited to introduce damping in systems with a large number of modes. However, tuning is often focussed on reduction of one dominant(More)
In this paper several tuning methods for Sugeno's fuzzy systems wiu be discussed. &t 4he first case the fuzzy controller is identified off-line based on training data. Following this approach, first the structure of the controller is identified by means of a clustering algorithm. A Kohonen se4f-organizing neural network performs this task. TheE the(More)
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