George Angelidis

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Meningiomas arise from the meningothelial cells of the arachnoid membranes. They are the most common primary intracranial neoplasms and represent about 20% of all intracranial tumors. They are usually diagnosed after the third decade of life and they are more frequent in women than in men. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria,(More)
This paper presents improved and new methodologies for the calculation of critical eigenvalues in the small signal stability analysis of large electric power systems. They augment the robustness and efficiency of existing methods and provide new alternatives. The procedures are implementations of Newton's method, inverse power and Rayleigh quotient(More)
In the context of the psychiatric reform, as well as of the lifelong education, a Questionnaire for the evaluation of "Satisfaction from Psychiatric Training" has been constructed. It consists of 4 subscales (Satisfaction from Materials, Trainers, Program Organization, and General Satisfaction) and a total of 19 closed-ended items, evaluated in 5-point(More)
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