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This work shows an approach to solve a problem of estimation of hazard rate of equipment under different maintenance policies. This approach is based on a model of equipment deterioration over time. The main incentive when building the model was to make it feasible to directly feed into the model real failure data obtained from historical maintenance(More)
Fault tree analysis (FTA) is a tool originally developed in 1962 by Bell Labs for use in studying failure modes in the launch control system of the Minuteman missile project. The tool now finds wide use in numerous applications from accident investigation to design prototyping and is also finding use for protection and control related applications. This(More)
This work discusses an approach to solve a problem of estimation of equipment remaining life based on historical failure records. An approach typically adopted to solve this problem is based on parametric models of equipment lifetime, fitted to failure data. Since the lifetime data is most often censored, the model fit as well as goodness of fit procedures(More)
In this article the intrusion detection and internet services failure reporting system created to detect unwonted manipulations to computer systems, mainly through the Internet and checking all active services in secure network is described. The application was written using Java enterprise edition (JEE) technology and jpcap library,so the application can(More)
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