George Acioli

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In this paper the decoupling control of two-inputs two-outputs (TITO) processes using a simplified dynamic decoupler is considered. A frequency-domain identification technique that uses a relay experiment to estimate a first-order plus dead-time (FOPDT) TITO model is presented. The resulting FOPDT TITO model is accurate around at the frequency of interest(More)
In this work the identification of first-order plus dead-time models from a relay experiment is considered. The relay excitation is applied to the closed-loop. Alternative techniques for identification are examined and simple algorithms are proposed for dealing with the dead-time. Simulation examples are used to illustrate the techniques.
This paper is about modeling and control of a XY positioning table. It is described the construction and instrumentation of a double axis positioning system. It is developed a general electromechanical model, followed by the identification of simplified models for control purposes. At last, it is proposed a PID control strategy, tuned by Internal Model(More)
In this paper a proposal for redesign PI controllers with Symmetrical Optimum (SO) based design is presented. The method uses an integration plus first-order model, identified from two frequency points obtained from combined relay experiment. The proposal for the identification of the used model is also presented. The main idea is to apply a double(More)
In this paper it is proposed a procedure for MIMO closed-loop evaluation and decentralized PI controller redesign using a relay-based experiment in a sequential manner. The experiment data is used to evaluate the actual MIMO closed-loop. It is evaluated using classical robustness measures of each loop. The aim of the controller redesign is to achieve a(More)
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