George Aaron Broadwell

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This article describes our novel approach to the automated detection and analysis of metaphors in text. We employ robust, quantitative language processing to implement a system prototype combined with sound social science methods for validation. We show results in 4 different languages and discuss how our methods are a significant step forward from(More)
We present in this paper, the application of a novel approach to computational modeling, understanding and detection of social phenomena in online multi-party discourse. A two-tiered approach was developed to detect a collection of social phenomena deployed by participants, such as topic control, task control, disagreement and involvement. We discuss how(More)
In this paper, we describe our experience with collecting and creating an annotated corpus of multi-party online conversations in a chat-room environment. This effort is part of a larger project to develop computational models of social phenomena such as agenda control , influence, and leadership in on-line interactions. Such models will help capturing the(More)
In this paper, we describe a novel approach to computational modeling and understanding of social and cultural phenomena in multi-party dialogues. We developed a two-tier approach in which we first detect and classify certain sociolinguistic behaviors, including topic control, disagreement, and involvement, that serve as first-order models from which(More)
In this article, we present a novel approach towards the detection and modeling of complex social phenomena in multi-party discourse, including leadership, influence, pursuit of power and group cohesion. We have developed a two-tier approach that relies on observable and computable linguistic features of conversational text to make predictions about(More)
Recent studies in metaphor extraction across several languages (Broadwell et al., 2013; Strzalkowski et al., 2013) have shown that word imageability ratings are highly correlated with the presence of metaphors in text. Information about imageability of words can be obtained from the MRC Psycholinguistic Database (MRCPD) for English words and Léxico(More)
This article describes a novel approach to automated determination of affect associated with metaphorical language. Affect in language is understood to mean the attitude toward a topic that a writer attempts to convey to the reader by using a particular metaphor. This affect, which we will classify as positive, negative or neutral with various degrees of(More)
In this paper, we report our efforts in building a multilingual multi-party online chat corpus (MMPC) in order to develop a firm understanding in a set of social constructs such as agenda control, influence, and leadership as well as to computationally model such constructs in online interactions. These automated models will help capture the dialogue(More)