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Public and Private Management: What's the Difference?
Critics of New Public Management argue that differences between public and private organizations are so great that business practices should not be transferred to the public sector. In this paper theExpand
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Sources of public service improvement: a critical review and research agenda
Evidence from sixty-five empirical studies of public service performance is critically reviewed. The statistical results are grouped on the basis of five theoretical perspectives: resources,Expand
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Bureaucratic Theory Meets Reality: Public Choice and Service Contracting in U.S. Local Government
Public choice theory suggests that if public officials monopolize service delivery, then the result is oversupply and inefficiency (Blais and Dion, 1992; Jackson, 1982; McMaster and Sawkins, 1996;Expand
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Escape from the Iron Cage? Organizational Change and Isomorphic Pressures in the Public Sector
Institutional theory suggests that organizations pursue legitimacy by conforming to isomorphic pressures in their environment. We extend previous research on institutional theory by distinguishingExpand
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Strategy Content and Public Service Organizations
Existing classifications of organizational strategy have limited relevance to public agencies. They confuse strategy processes and strategy content, consist of simplistic taxonomies, and do not takeExpand
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Theme: Local Government: Concepts and Indicators of Local Authority Performance: An Evaluation of the Statutory Frameworks in England and Wales
A conceptual framework for evaluating statutory performance indicators for local authorities is developed. The framework, which contains 14 dimensions of organizational performance, is then appliedExpand
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Strategy Content and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Analysis
This study presents the first empirical test of the proposition that strategy content is a key determinant of organizational performance in the public sector. Strategy content comprises twoExpand
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Strategy Formulation, Strategy Content and Performance
Abstract This article tests the independent effects of strategy formulation and strategy content on organizational performance. The formulation variables include rational planning, logicalExpand
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The Determinants of Variations in Local Service Contracting
Empirical evidence on the determinants of variations in service contracting across U.S. local governments is evaluated. Four main categories of explanatory variables are analyzed: fiscal stress,Expand
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What is public service improvement
Five conceptual models of public service improvement are derived from the large literature on organizational effectiveness. These are the goal, systems-resource, internal process, competing valuesExpand
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