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Pyoderma gangrenosum affecting the nose is rare and this may lead to diagnostic confusion because of the large differential diagnosis. As diagnosis is made, largely, on the basis of exclusion the treatment of pyoderma gangrenosum may be unduly delayed. The condition is often disfiguring, particularly following inappropriate surgical intervention, and early(More)
Mycotic aneurysms of the extracranial carotid arteries are extremely rare. A case is reported of a false aneurysm of the left external carotid artery. This developed secondary to cervical lymphadenitis which did not settle with high dose antibiotic therapy. The diagnosis was made on investigation with carotid doppler ultrasound and confirmed with(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the practicality and validity of laryngeal ultrasound to establish vocal fold movement in children with suspected vocal fold palsy. Fifty-five consecutive patients (age range three days to 12 years) with suspected vocal fold palsy underwent both laryngoscopy and laryngeal ultrasound. Ultrasonographic findings(More)
Effective adjuvant treatment for recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) is at present limited to alpha-interferon, which may have significant side effects including rebound growth of papillomata following its withdrawal, is given by injection and is expensive. High dose cimetidine is known to have immunomodulatory side effects and has been reported as a(More)
Branchio-oto-renal syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant condition characterized by hearing loss, branchial arch abnormalities and renal tract malformations. We present the first reported case of branchio-oto-renal syndrome associated with bilateral congenital cholesteatoma and ossicular chain abnormalities. The pathogenesis of this syndrome is described(More)
A very rare case of a sebaceous carcinoma of the external auditory canal with basal cell differentiation is presented. Fewer than 400 cases affecting any part of the body have so far been reported and of that only seven cases have been known to involve the external auditory canal. The clinical features, pathology and treatment are described and the relevant(More)
Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma presenting in the head and neck is extremely rare. Histological diagnosis is difficult and requires close co-operation between clinician, radiologist and pathologist. The tumour has a good prognosis in comparison to myxoid chondrosarcoma of the bone but surgical resection may be difficult due to its gelatinous nature. We(More)
An effective system for scoring pathological changes on CT scans of the paranasal sinuses has been developed by Lund & Mackay. We have performed an audit using 100 outpatients with nasal symptoms and found that adherence to guidelines prior to ordering CT scans of the paranasal sinuses correlates with an increased average Lund & Mackay score. Using these(More)
The "hot potato voice" is widely recognized as a symptom of peritonsillar cellulitis or abscess; yet there have been no studies assessing the resonance characteristics of the vocal tract in peritonsillitis. Analysis was undertaken of formant frequencies in the articulation of the vowels /i:/. /a:/ and /u:/ in six subjects with peritonsillitis and compared(More)