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Rare-earth co-doping in inorganic materials has a long-held tradition of facilitating highly desirable optoelectronic properties for their application to the laser industry. This study concentrates specifically on rare-earth phosphate glasses, (R2O3)x(R'2O3)y(P2O5)(1-(x+y)), where (R, R') denotes (Ce, Er) or (La, Nd) co-doping and the total rare-earth(More)
An apparatus for withdrawing a urethral catheter at a constant speed is described. The motor and the puller assembly are separate components so that the puller assembly can be autoclaved. By matching pulling speed to recorder chart speed a reproducible representation of urethral length can be obtained without using a displacement transducer. The apparatus(More)
A laboratory evaluation of the accuracy and precision of two field instruments, the Photovac Snapshot Gas Chromatograph and the Dräger Chip Measurement System (CMS) Monitor, both capable of specific determination of benzene, was carried out. The evaluation was based on the generation of a test atmosphere of known concentration of benzene in a stainless(More)
Introduction to the skills necessary for clear, effective communication of ideas through careful attention to the writing process, critical analysis, and argumentation. The course emphasizes a variety of rhetorical practices. Designed for non-English majors. Introductory course in creative writing. Practice in the writing of poetry, fiction autobiography,(More)
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