George A. N. Preston

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A formula for age-specific dementia prevalence is derived using data from a New Zealand study. Six other studies of dementia prevalence selected according to certain criteria are analyzed and their results shown to be not significantly different from those expected on the basis of the formula. Moreover, the small standard error estimate for the studies in(More)
A delayed gamma distribution satisfactorily described the distribution of times to hatching of Ostertagia circumcincta eggs incubated in 0.1% saline at temperatures between 6 and 20 degrees C. Below 6 degree C hatching of eggs was extremely variable. The relationship between rates of development and temperature within the range 10 to 20 degrees C was more(More)
In order to study the mechanism of induction of mutations and chromosome aberrations by ionizing radiations, it is particularly useful to have available radiation-sensitive mutants. While several X-ray-sensitive rodent cell lines are available, they have been selected rather nonspecifically. It was determined that selection for resistance to the DNA(More)
  • G A Preston
  • Australian health review : a publication of the…
  • 1987
This paper uses two simple mathematical models to quantify the potential impact of policy changes on the operation of the nursing home system. The first model shows that the effect of bed growth on admission rates can be substantial and that consequently a slowdown of bed growth can result in a significant decrease in the number of beds becoming available.(More)
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