George A. Macheras

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BACKGROUND This retrospective study was undertaken to determine the incidence of kidney dysfunction (KD) and to identify potential risk factors contributing to development of KD in orthopaedic population following an elective or emergency surgery. METHODS A total of 1025 patients were admitted in our institution over a period of one year with various(More)
In order to compare short-segment stabilization with long-segment stabilization for treating unstable thoracolumbar fractures, we studied fifty patients suffered from unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures. Thirty of them were managed with long-segment posterior transpedicular instrumentation and twenty patients with short-segment stabilization. The mean(More)
Porous tantalum is a biomaterial that was recently introduced in orthopedics in order to overcome problems related to implant loosening. It is found to have osteoconductive, and possibly, osteoinductive properties hence useful in difficult cases with severe bone defects. So, it is of great interest to shed light on the mechanisms through which this material(More)
The surgical treatment of open pilon fractures has a high complication rate especially in diabetic patients. In this article, we present a case of an infected tibial non-union after an open reduction and internal fixation in a diabetic patient, treated with Ilizarov external fixation combined with Papineau technique. Combined use of external fixation and(More)
Peripheral nerve regeneration is a unique process in which cellular rather than tissue response is involved. Depending on the extent and proximity of the lesion and the age and type of the neuronal soma, the cell body may either initiate a reparative response or may die. Microsurgical intervention may alter the prognosis after a peripheral nerve injury but(More)
INTRODUCTION We present a rare case of two concomitant morbidities treated in one operation. To our knowledge, this is the first report of its kind in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION A 57-year-old Greek woman was admitted to the emergency department having sustained a spiral mid-shaft femoral fracture. She also suffered from an ipsilateral hip(More)
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