George A. Geri

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An array of moving circular stimuli was used to determine whether perceived speed is affected by the oculomotor responses associated with changes in viewing distance. The perceived speed of stimuli viewed at either 0.33 or 1.33 m was compared to the perceived speed of a similar stimulus viewed at a distance of 5.5 m. In addition, a control condition was run(More)
In two experiments, we manipulated the properties of 3-D objects and terrain texture in order to investigate their effects on active heading control during simulated flight. Simulated crosswinds were used to introduce a rotational component into the retinal flow field that presumably provided the visual cues used for heading control An active control task(More)
BACKGROUND Night-vision goggles (NVGs) provide only a restricted field of view and have other characteristics that may affect the head and eye movements used in visual search. METHODS We measured head scan patterns, the magnitude and duration of gaze saccades, and fixation duration as subjects searched computer generated imagery either with or without(More)
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