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Anticardiolipin antibody, an immunoglobulin that binds negatively charged phospholipids, is considered to be an in vitro inhibitor of clot-based coagulation procedures. We adapted an enzyme immunoassay using stationary cardiolipin antigen to compare anticardiolipin antibody activity in the plasma of 44 cocaine abusers with its activity in the serum of 72(More)
  • G A Fritsma
  • 1983
Vitamin E refers to a family of fat-soluble phenolic compounds called tocopherols, which have been established as essential nutrients in vertebrates. In animals the deficiency state has resulted in diminished reproductive capabilities, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, megaloblastosis, gastrointestinal and pulmonary degeneration, and nephrosis. In(More)
Platelet aggregometry has been the reference method employed to detect, diagnose, and monitor qualitative platelet disorders since the early 1960s. Lumiaggregometry and impedance-based whole blood lumiaggregometry have advantages over light transmittance aggregometry in that they provide for enhanced specimen management and increase the test sensitivity to(More)
Lupus-like anticoagulants (LLA), lupus anticoagulant and/or anticardiolipin antibody, are increasingly recognized in association with venous and arterial thrombotic events. We recently reviewed our experience with patients undergoing revascularization for lower-limb ischemia who were found to have LLA. Nine patients had LLA based on a prolongation of the(More)
BACKGROUND The normalized dilute Russell viper venom time (DRVVT) ratio provides a robust assay methodology for lupus anticoagulant (LA) detection. OBJECTIVES We evaluated six normalized DRVVT LA screen and confirm systems for inter-method consistency. Reagents were purchased from Diagnostica Stago, Inc. (Parsippany, NJ); Precision BioLogic Inc. (Halifax,(More)
The dabigatran dose-response is predictable; however, it is necessary to measure plasma levels in a variety of clinical conditions. We evaluated a novel dabigatran measure - the 'dilute Russell viper venom confirm (DRVVC) assay' - against current developmental assays and a reference method. We measured plasma dabigatran and compared results from the Stago(More)
Coagulation factor replacement can effectively treat or prevent most hemophilia complications, but it is expensive. Although published data describe how to achieve therapeutic goals through cost-effective selection and dosing of replacement products, criteria are not universally known or followed. A review of our institution's experience revealed overdosing(More)
  • G Fritsma
  • 2001
Though there is no apparent relationship between CRP and cardiovascular disease, the hsCRP may be the most effective single marker of disease among otherwise healthy adults, and is certainly an effective marker when employed in combination with other proven markers such as fibrinogen, homocysteine, and lipid assays. The hsCRP test may not be particularly(More)