George A Dimos

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Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an acute, life-threatening metabolic complication of diabetes mellitus. Hyperglycaemia, ketosis (ketonaemia or ketonuria) and acidosis are the cardinal features of DKA [1]. Other features that indicate the severity of DKA include volume depletion, acidosis and concurrent electrolyte disturbances, especially abnormalities of(More)
Visceral leishmaniasis may present with cytopenias along with the formation of many autoantibodies and, rarely, with the presence of mixed cryoglobulinemia, type II, resembling an autoimmune disease. The syndrome of mixed cryoglobulinemia is characterized by the triad of purpura, arthralgias, and asthenia, in conjunction with cryoglobulins in the serum. In(More)
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