George A. Brook

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BACKGROUND Liver transplantation is established treatment for children with end-stage liver disease and has a 5-year survival rate of 80% to 85%, even in infants under 12 months. Long-term outcome in nutritional rehabilitation and normal development is unknown. This study aimed to prospectively evaluate growth and psychoneurologic performance of children(More)
Three fossils, a cranium of Papio, a cercopithecid frontal bone, and a mandible of juvenile Papio, have been recovered from cave deposits in the !Ncumtsa (Koanaka) Hills of western Ngamiland, Botswana. These specimens are significant because well-preserved crania of Papio are extremely rare in the fossil record outside of South Africa and because this is(More)
umerous recent paleoenvironmental studies have demonstrated that a dry period or drought was coincident with the ninth-century A.D. Classic Maya collapse. These studies have utilized data sources such as lake cores drought was the driving force behind the collapse, the Preclassic abandonment, and Maya hiatus. While the latter are still debated, it is(More)
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