George A. Beyer

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The ubiquitin ligase MDM2, a principle regulator of the tumor suppressor p53, plays an integral role in regulating cellular levels of p53 and thus a prominent role in current cancer research. Computational analysis used MUMBO to rotamerize the MDM2-p53 crystal structure 1YCR to obtain an exhaustive search of point mutations, resulting in the calculation of(More)
"Over-the-wire" thrombolysis was successfully accomplished in eight patients with symptomatic lower-extremity ischemia. The authors used a 5-F catheter with multiple side holes designed to pulse-spray urokinase directly over the guidance of a 0.035-inch guide wire. The mean occlusion length was 11.5 cm (range, 5-27 cm). Complete thrombolysis was achieved(More)
A model for studying the relationship between chronic arachnoiditis and pain sensitivity was developed. Thirty male ICR mice were randomly divided into three groups and the tail-flick test was done using an EMDIE-TF6 apparatus (Emdie Instrument Co., Montpelier, VA). Ten mice were injected intrathecally with 5.0 microL of a kaolin-metrizamide mixture and ten(More)
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