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Measurements sensitive to dislocation pinning are natural candidates for nondestructively evaluating the integrity of structures before cracks develop, because the mobility of dislocations plays a central role in determining the mechanical properties of materials. Traditionally, fundamental research on dislocation pinning below the plastic regime has(More)
Electromagnetic induction of ultrasonic waves is restricted to conducting materials – like eddy current testing – because it involves inducing eddy currents in the surface of the part by a nearby coil of wire. A magnetic field supplied by a nearby magnet interacts with this eddy current to produce a mechanical force on the surface to excite ultrasonic(More)
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Summary form only given. As interconnects become responsible for a larger portion of signal delays in advanced circuits the pressure for aggressive scaling will increase. Current densities will increase as dimensions are reduced and stress management will be more critical as the compliance of low-k materials decreases. However, reducing the interconnect(More)