Georg Tiefenthaler

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mAb R73 detects a T cell-specific surface molecule consisting of two disulfide-linked subunits of 40 and 46 kD, respectively, on 97% of peripheral rat T cells, as defined by the OX-52 marker. Of the few OX-52+ R73- cells, none are CD4+ but many express the CD8 antigen known to be present on rat NK cells. mAb R73 is mitogenic for unseparated spleen cells and(More)
Activation of resting T lymphocytes is initiated by the interaction of cell-surface receptors with their corresponding ligands. In addition to activation through the CD3 (T3)-Ti antigen-receptor complex, recent experiments have demonstrated induction of T-cell proliferation through the CD2 (T11) molecule, traditionally known as the erythrocyte(E)-receptor,(More)
We have developed a robust platform to generate and functionally characterize rabbit-derived antibodies using B cells from peripheral blood. The rapid high throughput procedure generates a diverse set of antibodies, yet requires only few animals to be immunized without the need to sacrifice them. The workflow includes (i) the identification and isolation of(More)
PURPOSE A major impediment in the optimal selection of cancer patients for the most effective therapy is the lack of suitable biomarkers that foretell the response of a patient to a given drug. In the present study, we have used large-scale RNA interference-based genetic screens to find candidate biomarkers of resistance to a new acyl sulfonamide(More)
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