Georg Stellner

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Running parallel applications in a network of workstations (NOW) requires the use of a resource management system with batch queueing and load balancing functionalities to utilize idle workstations in the NOW and to avoid load imbalance in the network. A resource management system for parallel jobs requires special func-tionalities to schedule jobs to hosts(More)
Workstations provide an attractive platform to develop software. This paper describes the NXLib environment which enables users to use this platform to develop parallel applications. The source code compatibility of NXLib applications with Intel's Paragon multicomputer system easily allows to migrate these applications to a supercomputer. The performance(More)
Much computational power on state-of-the-art multicomput-ers like the Paragon is wasted with porting applications. Using networks of workstations is an attempt to withdraw this workload from multicom-puter systems. Therefore an environment is needed which provides the programming interface of multicomputers on coupled workstations. The paper describes the(More)
This work describes some concepts how to use the PVM resource manager interface to implement a resource management system for PVM applications in a network of workstations (NOW). The basic implementation of a PVM resource manager has been extended by a variety of functions to deene strategies for resource allocation and scheduling of PVM applications. The(More)
The results of a case study where we applied a formal method to prove properties of CoCheck, an extention of PVM for the creation of checkpoints of parallel applications on workstation clusters. Although the functionality of CoCheck had been demonstrated in experiments, there was no proof of the desired properties. Consequently, a formal method had to be(More)
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