Georg Schreyögg

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The recent discussion in the field of strategic management broadly favors the idea of dynamic capabilities in order to overcome potential rigidities of organizational capability building. The major question addressed in this paper is whether capabilities can actually be conceived as being in flux—and if so, to what extent and in which way? After briefly(More)
Major parts of this paper were written during the sabbatical leave of the first author to the University of Arizona, USA. He thanks the Eller College of Management for providing access to its excellent facilities, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for a generous travel grant, and Ken Koput, Brint Milward, Keith Provan, as well as Udo Staber for(More)
An important new stream of thought stressing the importance of organizational fluidity has emerged in recent years. It represents a reaction to the increasing complexity and environmental turbulence that organizations have to master. The solutions proposed are highly flexible and fluid organizational forms, based on relentlessly changing templates, quick(More)
In this paper we discuss the role organizational narrations can play in the field of knowledge management and develop a model on qualifying and evaluating narrations. As a necessary prerequisite we first clarify the epistemological nature of narrative knowledge opposed to discursive knowledge by referring to a distinction drawn by the French philosopher(More)
In this article we attempt to provide some reorientation for the use of the concept of knowledge within management studies. The point of departure is the striking discrepancy between the great importance nowadays attributed to knowledge (knowledge economy, knowledge resources, knowledge societies, knowledge-intensive fi rms, etc.) on the one hand and the(More)
The notion of knowledge is given more and more importance. Paradoxically enough, in the current debate on knowledge management the understanding of knowledge is getting more and more fuzzy. One even wonders whether knowledge still has any clear meaning at all. Knowledge management, however, cannot become effective if there is no clear understanding on what(More)