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PURPOSE Neutral endopeptidase (CD10), an ectopeptidase bound to the cell surface, is thought to be a potential prognostic marker for prostate cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Prostate cancer patients (N = 3,261) treated by radical prostatectomy at a single institution were evaluated by using tissue microarray. Follow-up data were available for 2,385 patients.(More)
The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 has been suggested as a prognostic marker in prostate cancer. The aim of this study was to determine the clinical and prognostic role of p27 expression in hormone-naive prostate cancers. A tissue microarray containing samples from 4,699 prostate cancers with attached pathological, clinical follow-up and(More)
γ-glutamyl-hydrolase (GGH) is a ubiquitously-expressed enzyme that regulates intracellular folate metabolism for cell proliferation, DNA synthesis, and repair. Employing GGH immunohistochemistry on a tissue microarray with 12,427 prostate cancers, we found that GGH expression was negative to low in normal prostate epithelium, whereas 88.3% of our 10,562(More)
Deletion of 12p is a recurrent alteration in prostate cancer, but the prevalence and clinical consequences of this alteration have not been studied in detail. Dual labeling fluorescence in situ hybridization using probes for 12p13 (CDKN1B; p27) and centromere 12 as a reference was used to successfully analyze more than 3700 prostate cancers with clinical(More)
PURPOSE To reach standardized terminology in focal therapy (FT) for prostate cancer (PCa). METHODS A four-stage modified Delphi consensus project was undertaken among a panel of international experts in the field of FT for PCa. Data on terminology in FT was collected from the panel by three rounds of online questionnaires. During a face-to-face meeting on(More)
TMPRSS2:ERG fusions, in combination with deletion of the phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) tumor suppressor, have been suggested to cooperatively drive tumor progression in prostate cancer. We utilized a novel heterogeneity tissue microarray containing samples from 10 different tumor blocks of 189 prostatectomy specimens to study heterogeneity of(More)
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