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This contribution describes a system for accurate, robust and fast six degrees-of-freedom object pose estimation based on multi-feature models and a recursive filtering approach in the context of autonomous vehicle recharging. Feature measurements are integrated sequentially to allow full control over the feature detection algorithms and the influence on(More)
Obstacle avoidance is a key feature for automotive navigation that requires an accurate representation of the environment. In the field of visual perception this task has often been addressed with stereo algorithms that try to obtain a depth map of the environment via disparity calculations on a single pair of images. These algorithms do not exploit that(More)
Accurate stereo camera calibration is crucial for 3D reconstruction from stereo images. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for continuous online recalibration of all extrinsic parameters of a stereo camera, which is rigidly mounted on an autonomous vehicle. The algorithm estimates the six degrees-of-freedom (6-DoF) of the transformation from the vehicle(More)
Die wahrscheinlichste Höhenentwicklung der Bäume eines Waldbestandes wird, von einer bestimmten Höhen-Schwelle an, durch eine Formel D=a·bH beschrieben. Diese Formel (I) gilt auch für einen Rotationskörper gleichen Widerstandes gegen Eigengewicht und Fremdbelastung. Es bedeutet «a» die Fremdbelastung und ln b=ϱ/2σ resultiert aus der Dichte ϱ und der(More)
Team/Robot MuCAR Scenario Autonomous navigation For each of the following aspects, especially concerning the team's approach to scenario-specific challenges, please give a short comment whether they are covered adequately in the SAP. Keep in mind that this evaluation, albeit anonymized, will be published online; private comments to the organizers should be(More)
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