Georg Oliver Schwitzer

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OBJECTIVES   Outcome in bipolar disorder (BD) is multidimensional and consists of clinical and psychosocial domains. Difficulties in affect recognition and in emotional experience are a hallmark of BD, but there is little research investigating the consequences of this deficit on the psychosocial status of patients who are in remission. METHODS   This(More)
In former times ADHD was seen as a children`s disease, nowadays it is assured, that 4 % of adults suffer from ADHD. By today`s state of research there are a lot of factors of influence according to the biopsychosocial model. For the development of mentalization and ability of reflexion, difficult early relationships, mistreatment or other traumatisations(More)
Postpartum dysphoria (Baby Blues) is a puerperal-disease of mothers who have recently given birth; its prevalence in western industrialized countries ranges from 26 to 85% The baby-blues may begin during the first week after birth, lasts a few days and disappears without any medical treatment. Therefore there is still little research dealing with this(More)
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