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An efficient, high-order, conservative method named the spectral difference method has been developed recently for conservation laws on unstructured grids. It combines the best features of structured and unstructured grid methods to achieve high-computational efficiency and geometric flexibility; it utilizes the concept of discontinuous and high-order local(More)
Meeting. AIAA, AFOSR and DLR provided much needed support, financial and moral. Over 70 participants from all over the world across the research spectrum of academia, government labs, and private industry attended the workshop. Many exciting results were presented. In this review article, the main motivation and major findings from the workshop are(More)
This work focuses on the extension of the recently introduced Spectral Difference Method to viscous flow. The spectral difference method is a conservative pseudo-spectral scheme based on a local collocation on unstructured elements. Recently results for scalar transport equations and the Euler equations have been presented. For the extension to viscous flow(More)
The CAREN project concerns the development of a virtual reality environment in which the agility of healthy subjects and patients can be tested in a variety of reproducible conditions. CAREN is made by customizing hardware and developing software to enable measurements of motion of a subject in detail as a response to a perturbation from the computer driven(More)
During the past decade gas-kinetic methods based on the BGK simplification of the Boltzmann equation have been employed to compute fluid flow in a finite-difference or finite-volume context. Among the most successful formulations is the finite-volume scheme proposed by Xu [K. Xu, A gas-kinetic BGK scheme for the Navier–Stokes equations and its connection(More)
We present a novel discretization method for nonlinear convection-diffusion equations and, in particular, for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. The method is based on a Discontinu-ous Galerkin (DG) discretization for convection terms, and a Mixed method using H(div) spaces for the diffusive terms. Furthermore, hybridization is used to reduce the(More)
Keywords: Spectral Difference method Raviart–Thomas space TVD Runge–Kutta SSP schemes Euler equations a b s t r a c t Numerical schemes using piecewise polynomial approximation are very popular for high order discretization of conservation laws. While the most widely used numerical scheme under this paradigm appears to be the Discontinuous Galerkin method,(More)
Keywords: Multigrid methods Newton–Krylov methods Euler equations Spectral Difference scheme Nodal schemes a b s t r a c t Higher order discretization has not been widely successful in industrial applications to compressible flow simulation. Among several reasons for this, one may identify the lack of tailor-suited, best-practice relaxation techniques that(More)
This paper reports recent progress towards a new platform for computational aerodynamics on arbitrary meshes, tentatively designated Flo3xx. This tool is designed for maximum flixibility to serve as both an industrial strength flow solver on general grids, and as a framework for advanced research in the area of CFD and aerodynamic design. Such a flexible(More)