Georg Madsen

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Over the last decade, a dramatic increase has been observed in the need for generating and organising data in the course of large parameter studies, performance analysis , and software testings. We have developed the ZENTU-RIO experiment management tool for performance and parameter studies on cluster and Grid architectures. In this paper we describe our(More)
In this paper we give an overview of SCALEA, which is a new performance analysis tool for OpenMP, MPI, HPF, and mixed parallel/distributed programs. SCALEA instruments, executes and measures programs and computes a variety of performance overheads based on a novel overhead classification. Source code and HW-profiling is combined in a single system which(More)
This paper presents a high-level approach for assessing the performance behavior of complex scientific applications running on a high-performance system through simulation. The proposed methodology relies on high-level descriptions of both application and system. The application is described in MetaPL, an XML-based description language, and the system is(More)
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