Georg M. N. Behrens

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Because of its availability, ease of collection, and correlation with physiology and pathology, urine is an attractive source for clinical proteomics/peptidomics. However, the lack of comparable data sets from large cohorts has greatly hindered the development of clinical proteomics. Here, we report the establishment of a reproducible, high resolution(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate metabolic abnormalities, beta-cell function, lipid profile and vascular risk factors in HIV patients on protease inhibitors (PI). DESIGN Prospective cross-sectional study. METHODS Thirty-eight HIV-1-infected patients receiving at least one PI were compared with 17 PI-naive HIV patients in an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).(More)
In this study we present new differential characteristics of NK cells expressing CD56 surface antigen in low (CD56dim) or high (CD56bright) density. In contrast to CD56bright NK cells CD56dim cells express killer cell immunoglobulin (Ig)-like receptors (KIR) such as CD158a, CD158b, and NKB1. However, c-type lectin-like receptors (KLR) CD94/NKG2 and CD161(More)
Primary autoimmune neutropenia (AIN) is caused by granulocyte-specific autoantibodies and occurs predominantly in infancy. Clinical presentation and diagnosis have not been well established, resulting in burdening diagnostic investigations and unnecessary treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF). In the present study, clinical,(More)
Neuropilin-2 (NRP2) is well known as a co-receptor for class 3 semaphorins and vascular endothelial growth factors, involved in axon guidance and angiogenesis. Moreover, NRP2 was shown to promote chemotactic migration of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells (DCs) toward the chemokine CCL21, a function that relies on the presence of polysialic acid(More)
Dendritic cells (DC), which can be subdivided into different phenotypic and functional subsets, play a pivotal role in the generation of cytotoxic T cell immunity against viral infections. Understanding the modes of Ag acquisition, processing and presentation by DC is essential for the design of effective antiviral vaccines. We aimed to assess the(More)
During asthma, lung DC capture and process antigens to initiate and maintain allergic Th2 cell responses to inhaled allergens. The aim of the study was to investigate whether allergen-specific IgG, generated during sensitization, can potentiate the acute airway inflammation through Fcgamma receptor (FcgammaR)-mediated antigen uptake and enhance antigen(More)