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Today, a huge variety of sensors is built into vehicles enabling them to obtain a view of their surroundings based on locally observed data. With VANETs (vehicular ad-hoc networks) as an emerging technology, it is possible both to disseminate data to other vehicles and to collect information in order to improve their own picture of the current situation.(More)
A maculopapular exanthema developed in a 60-year-old man with coronary heart disease while being treated for angina with the calcium antagonist diltiazem. Epicutaneous and scratch tests were positive, both for the immediate type (type I) and the delayed type (type IV), proving that the drug had caused the allergic reaction. The exanthema quickly disappeared(More)
Radial and ulnar artery circulatory changes at the wrist were studied at the work site in manual workers performing repetitive tasks to compare the effects of two preventive interventions, exercise and rest. The Doppler method was used for assessment of blood flow velocity, and systolic blood pressure measurements were made on 16 right hand-dominant female(More)
The first visible Anlage of the sympathetic trunk appears near the Aorta as a continuous column of branching cells in the thoracic and lower cervical region. Later on, the column reaches the basis of the skull. Segmentation of the trunk is a secondary process in connection with the longitudinal growth of the vertebral column. Between the superior and the(More)
BACKGROUND If patients return early in the course of acute, uncomplicated back pain to their normal activities, their symptoms improve more quickly. Written detailed patient information can have a positive effect on knowledge and can increase physical activity. In this study the effect of a short evidence-based back pain leaflet on knowledge, function and(More)
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