Georg J. Schneider

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The Sorting Intolerant from Tolerant (SIFT) algorithm predicts the effect of coding variants on protein function. It was first introduced in 2001, with a corresponding website that provides users with predictions on their variants. Since its release, SIFT has become one of the standard tools for characterizing missense variation. We have updated SIFT's(More)
A genome-wide inventory of proteins involved in cell wall synthesis and remodeling has been obtained by taking advantage of the recently released genome sequence of the ectomycorrhizal Tuber melanosporum black truffle. Genes that encode cell wall biosynthetic enzymes, enzymes involved in cell wall polysaccharide synthesis or modification, GPI-anchored(More)
BACKGROUND Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a major inflammatory condition of the skin caused by inherited skin barrier deficiency, with mutations in the filaggrin gene predisposing to development of AD. Support for barrier deficiency initiating AD came from flaky tail mice, which have a frameshift mutation in Flg and also carry an unknown gene, matted, causing a(More)
Serial-section reconstructions were used to study changes in morphology of the leucoplast and of flagellar apparatus during the vegetative life cycle of Polytoma papillatum. During interphase growth the volume of highly perforated leucoplast nearly doubled. The leucoplast of late interphase cells still had a deep cup shape (cyathiform), but several(More)
Numerical, morphological, and topographical changes in the mitochondrial inventory (= chondriome) during the vegetative (= asexual) life cycle of Polytoma papillatum were examined by means of the serial-sectioning technique. At the onset of interphase the chondriome consists of primarily of one highly reticulated basket-shaped complex, which lines the(More)
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