Georg Isbary

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Aufgrund der zunehmenden Antibiotikaresistenzproblematik Gram-negativer Erreger hat die Kommission für Krankenhaushygiene und Infektionsprävention beschlossen, eine eigene klinisch orientierte Definition der Multiresistenz Gram-negativer Erreger zu etablieren, die nun als multiresistente, Gram-negative Bakterien mit Resistenz gegen 3 (3MRGN) oder 4 (4MRGN)(More)
BACKGROUND In Germany, a comparative effectiveness assessment in the form of an early benefit assessment (EBA) is mandatory for new medicines.1–3 The G-BA (Federal Joint Committee) is charged with evaluating a medicine’s additional benefit.1,4 Besides the extent of additional benefit versus an appropriate comparator, the quality of the evidence base, i.e.(More)
Background: Therapists and administrative bodies consider a pathological complete remission as an independent and relevant endpoint in evaluations of the clinical utility of neoadjuvant therapy for early breast cancer. The present study aims to investigate which treatment outcomes of a neoadjuvant therapy are considered by the patients themselves to be(More)
BACKGROUND Previous evaluations of oncological medicines in the German early benefit assessment (EBA) procedure have demonstrated inconsistent acceptance of endpoints by regulatory authorities and the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Accepted standard endpoints for regulatory purposes are frequently not considered as patient-relevant in the German EBA(More)
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