Georg Heinrich

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In order to enhance efficiency in designing digital audio applications we combine Protocol Compiler TM-based high level design methods and the Atmel System Designer TM SoC technology. Starting with a Virtex FPGA prototype we outline the reuse-based SoC integration of a DAB TDG (Digital Audio Broadcasting Test Data Generator). Implementation results and(More)
BACKGROUND Palliative systemic treatment in elderly gynaecological cancer patients remains a major challenge. In recurrent ovarian cancer (ROC), treosulfan an active alkylating drug showed similar cytotoxicity whether as oral (p.o.) or intravenous (i.v.) application. The aim of this innovative trial was to evaluate the preference of elderly patients (≥65(More)
Optomechanical systems exploit the interaction between the optical radiation field and mechanical resonators in a laser-driven cavity. In the past few years, these systems have been the focus of considerable experimental and theoretical attention, yielding promising successes, particularly in using optomechanical cooling to reduce the thermal occupation of(More)
In order to enhance efficiency in designing Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transport network applications we combine Protocol Compiler-based high level design methods with the Atmel System Designer SoC development suite. We define DAB requirements and outline design as well as validation of a Ensemble Transport Interface Monitoring Unit (EMU).(More)
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