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The recognition of 3-D objects is surely one of the most challenging goals in computer vision. In this paper we present a robot vision system that analyzes its environment by active vision techniques. Therefore, the system is gathering information about an object in the scene by taking multiple views. It is designed as a hybrid system that brings together(More)
The determination of metallic nanoparticles in environmental samples requires sample pretreatment that ideally combines pre-concentration and species selectivity. With cloud point extraction (CPE) using the surfactant Triton X-114 we present a simple and cost effective separation technique that meets both criteria. Effective separation of ionic gold species(More)
The fast simulation of large networks of spiking neurons is a major task for the examination of biology-inspired vision systems. Networks of this type label features by synchronization of spikes and there is strong demand to simulate these eeects in real world environments. As the calculations for one model neuron are complex, the digital simulation of(More)
The labeling of features by synchronization of spikes seems to be a very efficient encoding scheme for a visual system. Simulation of a vision system with millions of pulse-coded model neurons, however, is almost impossible on the base of available processors including parallel processors and neurocomputers. A "one-to-one" silicon implementation of(More)
The majority of pure silver nanoparticles in consumer products are likely released into sewer systems and usually end up in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Research investigating the reduction in nanoscale silver particles (n-Ag-Ps) has focused on the biological treatment process, generally in controlled laboratory experiments. This study, analyzing(More)
For the quantification of silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) in environmental samples using cloud point extraction (CPE) for selective enrichment, surface modification of the Ag-NPs and matrix effects can play a key role. In this work we validate CPE with respect to the influence of different coatings and naturally occurring matrix components. The Ag-NPs tested(More)