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We propose a novel shader programming model which operates on intent-oriented shader modules instead of specific programs for dedicated GPU rasterization pipeline stages. In constrast to existing pipeline shader frameworks, our system exposes a radically simplified pipeline, which we purposefully aligned with our basic intuition of shaders as per-primitive(More)
We introduce an incremental rendering layer on top of standard graphics APIs such as OpenGL or DirectX in the form a virtual machine (VM), which efficiently maintains an optimized, compiled representation of arbitrary high-level scene representations at all times. This includes incremental processing of structural changes such as additions and removals of(More)
incremental changes incremental changes incremental changes low*performance interpreted high*performance compiled structural change structural change structural change Incremental*API Figure 1: Successive lowering of abstraction: the rendering intent of the programmer is successively mapped into representations of lower abstraction, starting from a(More)
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