Georg Hübscher

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1. The effect of perfusion on the activities of hexokinase and lactate dehydrogenase was studied in the proximal half of the small intestine of fed and starved rats. 2. Perfusion of preparations from starved rats with a medium containing glucose caused a significant increase in hexokinase activity of the particle-free supernatant. The increase in activity(More)
1. Homogenates of the mucosa of the small intestine of the guinea pig were separated by fractional sedimentation into seven different fractions. The enzymic properties of some of these subcellular fractions were compared with those obtained from the mucosa of the small intestine of the rabbit and cat. 2. The enzymic properties of the low-speed sediment(More)
1. After conventional fractionation of rat liver homogenates in 0.88m-sucrose the mitochondrial fraction was subjected to short-term water lysis followed by separation of the resulting membrane preparations. 2. Phosphatidate formation was measured in all subcellular fractions and subfractions and was compared with the distribution of succinate(More)