Georg Freitag

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Multi-touch hardware has only recently entered the mainstream of information technology. Interaction designers, product developers and users have been influenced by this development. In order to build multi-touch applications, programmers have created various reusable frameworks. To obtain an overview of this diversity, we present a list of criteria to(More)
Common multi-touch devices guide the user with feedback visualization during or after a registered interaction. Feed-forward techniques are less frequently used or not common at all. Our approach aims at a continuous process in which the system is aware of the users before, during, and after an explicit interaction takes place. This opens up the possibility(More)
Developing multi-touch applications is a great challenge for developers: they have to adopt a novel interaction paradigm, but lack suitable tools and reliable design guidelines. The goal of Liquid consists in introducing the concept of visual programming to multi-touch technology, implementing a promising approach to overcome the difficulties in developing(More)
Designing the <i>look and feel</i> of multi-touch applications is a challenging task, especially in the early sketching phase when it is imperative to quickly generate as many ideas as possible. There are numerous techniques and tools to conceptualize the appearance of a user interface but few solutions for rapidly creating and evaluating interaction ideas.(More)
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