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A Debye relaxation model for the permittivity of aqueous glucose solution is given up to 40 GHz. Measurements of aqueous solutions are compared with invasive measurements on over 40 blood samples. Reflection- and transmission-based techniques are explained, concerning the application in biomedical concentration measurements. Wideband measurements on(More)
Forest fragmentation and selective logging are two main drivers of global environmental change and modify biodiversity and environmental conditions in many tropical forests. The consequences of these changes for the functioning of tropical forest ecosystems have rarely been explored in a comprehensive approach. In a Kenyan rainforest, we studied six(More)
We propose a new hardware architecture for cost-and size-effective implementation of massive MIMO transmitters based on load modulation that is fully compatible with standard receiver architectures. With load modulation, a massive MIMO transmitter can be driven by a single power amplifier operating at constant envelope. The various data streams are(More)
This paper presents a compact and highly integrated back-plaster sensor node equipped with seamless localization (in-door and out-door) based on assisted GPS and Bluetooth localization, activity classification and fall detection as well as a GSM module providing a GPRS connection to a server infrastructure for supporting dementia and Alzheimer patients in(More)
In this paper, we present the analysis, design, and implementation of an integrated power distributed amplifier (DA), fabricated in a low-cost 0.25-mum SiGe BiCMOS technology. The circuit consists of four novel inductively peaked cascode gain cells, which are capacitively coupled to the base line for power optimization and bandwidth enhancement. Due to the(More)
An integrated frequency agile quadrature E-band receiver is presented in this paper. The complete receiver is realized in a commercial 0.35-μm SiGe:C technology with an ft/fmax of 170/250 GHz. The receiver covers the two point-to-point communication bands from 71 to 76 GHz and from 81 to 86 GHz and the automotive radar band at 77 GHz. A wide tuning(More)