Georg Dionysius Ehret

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In humans, sound perceived as speech is processed preferentially by the right ear and the left hemisphere of the brain. Among animals, such an advantage of one hemisphere (lateralization) in processing communication sound from other members of the species has so far been demonstrated only in macaque monkeys. I report here that in the house mouse, which has(More)
The development of hearing measured behaviourally is compared in a quantitative way with studies on the physiological development in the auditory pathway of cats, house mice and humans. The similarity of time constants and of the beginning and end of the developments suggests that behavioural threshold sensitivity measured by unconditioned and conditioned(More)
Lipid-lowering treatment in the elderly patient is conditioned by a high incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the setting of a limited remaining life span. The clinical benefit of statin therapy can be seen after a few months, thus supporting use in secondary prevention even when the lifespan is restricted to a few years. Recent guidelines(More)
The prevalence of the right heart failure (RHF) is poorly known. However, RHF is often a consequence of left heart failure due to an interdependance between both ventricles. RHF should be indentified because of prognostic relevance. RHF is defined by the inability to maintain adequate cardiac output through the lung circulation. It can result from volume(More)
IT iS perhaps insufficiently known that the Wellcome Institute Library has, in addition to manuscript and printed illustrated herbals and botany books, a very fine collection of loose botanical prints and drawings, in all nearly 4,000 illustrations. Although the majority are of flowers, there are also some of fruits, leaves, wood anatomy, etc., and, among(More)
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