Georg Cornelius Schmidt

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Alzheimer's disease (AD), a multifactorial neurodegenerative condition caused by genetic and environmental factors, is diagnosed using neuropsychological tests and brain imaging; molecular diagnostics are not routinely applied. Studies have identified AD-specific cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers but sample collection requires invasive lumbar puncture.(More)
So far the allergen list of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) allergen nomenclature subcommittee comprises 130 plant-derived food allergens. Based on sequence homology these allergens can be classified into only 27 out of 9,000 known protein families according to the Allfam database. These families comprise the prolamin and cupin(More)
Using a RT-PCR approach, we were able to isolate a cDNA encoding the Xenopus homologue of hepatocyte growth factor-like protein, which we have termed accordingly Xhl. The deduced Xhl protein consists of 717 amino acids, contains four putative kringle domains and a serine protease-like domain characteristic for mammalian HGF and HGF-like protein. The mRNA of(More)
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