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This article presents the approaches taken to integrate a novel anthropomorphic robot hand into a humanoid robot. The requisites enabling such a robot hand to use everyday objects in an environment built for humans are presented. Starting from a design that resembles the human hand regarding size and movability of the mechatronical system , a low-level(More)
In this paper the design, construction, technical characteristics, functionality and control scheme of a new modular hand-arm robot system are presented. This system is designed for applications in robotic and rehabilitation medicine. The development of novel, compact modules is based on flexible fluidic actuators which are equipped with measurement and(More)
This paper proposes a new tracking algorithm within a 3D-SLAM framework that takes segmented range images as observations. The framework has two layers: the local layer tracks the view path and correspondences across the image sequence, using ambiguous landmark surfaces, and provides multiple hypotheses. The global layer conjectures and closes loops. We(More)
A new experimental hand prosthesis design is presented that differs from that of conventional prostheses. With the objective of addressing consumers' requirements, functionality was increased and cosmetic appearance became more natural. By integrating a hydraulic system with 8 small fluidic actuators at the digit joints, different important grasping(More)
The different sleep stages modulate the autonomous functions blood pressure and heart rate as well as their complex interactions. The method of symbolic coupling traces (SCT) is used to analyse and quantify time-delayed couplings of these measurements. The SCT is defined by the difference of the symmetric and diametric traces of a bivariate word(More)
SUMMARY In this paper a new prosthetic hand is presented that closely approximates the grasping abilities of a human hand. A large variety of different objects can be grasped reliably and the movements of the hand appear to natural. This five-finger hand has 15 degrees of freedom driven by small sized flexible fluidic actuators. The drives are within the(More)