Georg Baust

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Changes in the midshaft cross-sectional area of the ulna were measured in egg-laying turkeys on a diet insufficient in calcium. Left: right comparisons were used to assess the bone loss over a six-week period due to 1) calcium insufficiency, 2) calcium insufficiency plus disuse, and 3) calcium insufficiency and disuse interrupted by a short daily period of(More)
Due to the success of reanimation, intensive medicine and organ transplants, new decision criteria and situations in medical care have arisen which can be determined legally and ethically, but without sufficiently considering related traditional human behavior. A particular aspect, the determination of brain death in connection with organ transplants,(More)
Morphine is a standard medication in pain therapy; opioids are grouped in step two and three of the WHO analgesic ladder. In palliative medicine, morphine is the preferred drug and is used for alleviating pain and reducing anxiety. When dosed correctly, a life-shortening effect can be definitely excluded today. Hence, the administration of morphine at the(More)